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  • About 70 million years ago, Earth’s fertile, mineral-rich soil produced lush green forests and wholesome, succulent, wild fruits and vegetables.
  • This was an era when the soils near the earth’s crust contained at least 84 minerals.
  • According to scientists all life at that time, whether plant or animal, was extremely healthy and this was a direct result of the plants’ ability to extract at least 70 or more minerals from the soil.
  • Healthy, mineral rich soil, filled with an abundance of microbes, makes for healthy plants, which makes for healthy animals, which in turn makes for healthy soil—life builds upon life.
  • However, to borrow from the famous Apollo 13 quote, “Houston, We’ve got a problem.”
  • In the last 50 years we’ve seen the destruction of over 50% of our supply of topsoil needed for food production. Extensive topsoil has been lost through the overuse of inorganic fertilizers, erosion and farming practices that deplete soil elements and microbes.
  • Today, the soil around the world shows no more that 20 minerals. The soil in the North American continent has had an average of 85% minerals depletion in the last 100 years— the worst of any other country in the world.
  • “The alarming fact is that food- fruits, vegetables and grains- now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed nutrients, [minerals and microbes], are starving us no matter how much we eat of them.” (US Senate Document 264, 1936).
  • The eminent scientist and two-time Nobel Laurent Linus Pauling claimed that, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”
  • Ultra Minerals delivers a full spectrum of important plant-based elements/minerals in varying trace amounts, the great majority of which are absent from our foods and the mineral supplements currently on the market.
  • Plant based minerals that are naturally chelated through plant root uptake and digestion.
  • Ultra Minerals are cold-water extracted trace minerals from a pristine source of Mesozoic Vegetate. The colloidal solution is then drum dried to a fine mineral powder.
  • They form direct hydrogen bonds with water and are therefore water-soluble and nearly 100% absorbable, without digestion, even through the skin.
  • Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsule with 150mg of 72 negatively charged, hydrophilic, nano-sized trace minerals. There are no excipients of any kind.

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