This page provides further information on our Organic Garlic therapeutic food supplement.


  • Green Technology and Patented Technology for highest phytonutrient potential.
  • QAI certified raw organic garlic, Advanced Sublimation Technology. 26,800 ppm alliin content (industry standard for high potency is 10,000 ppm).
  • Historical data:
    • First recorded 5000 BC – Sumerians of Mesopotamia.
    • Hippocrates 400 BC – infections, digestive problems and cancer.
    • Dioscorides 100 BC – infections, clearing arteries and Leprosy.
    • Louis Pasteur 1858 – scientific proof that garlic kills germs.
    • Known in WWII as the “Russian Penicillin”.
  • Allicin in garlic is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial: anti bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal.
  • Garlic in low doses stimulates the immune system by increasing numbers of lymphocytes, phagocytosis and natural killer cell activity.
  • Reduces elevated serum lipid levels- triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • Reduces platelet aggregation and thrombus formation.
  • Increases blood flow of erythrocytes through capillaries and decreases plasma viscosity.
  • Exerts a mild hypotensive effect.
  • Decreases incidences of gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Clinically is used to chelate mercury interstitially.
  • No fillers, flowing agents or excipients of any kind.

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