This page provides further information on our Beta-Glucan therapeutic food supplement.


  • Combination of Green Technology for highest phytonutrient potential, Microbiome Technology for pure cultures of pedigreed strains of standardized referenced material and Patented Technology for the process of liberating the beta-glucan molecules.
  • Microbiome technology creates hardy and viable pedigreed Original strains: 25 billionĀ L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, S. thermophilus.
  • Original strains of lactic acid bacteria are based on ATCC prototypical strains and confirmed routinely by 16sRNA sequencing to provide highest quality probiotic material.
  • Pure mix: organic matrix USDA patented hydrocolloidal beta glucan oat bran (75%), organic whole red beet root (15%) and organic inulin from chicory fiber (10%).
  • Qualifies for the American Heart Association and the FDA “Heart Healthy” seal of approval: improving lipid serum levels.
  • Beta Glucan benefits from the Original strains:
    • Protects, counteracts and neutralizes dietary toxins, mutagens, carcinogens and infectious organisms.
    • The collective ability of the Original probiotic organisms to protect the frontline border of our GI tract membrane from the aggressive enterovirulent pathoges is accomplished via: the production of bactercins, creation of an acid barrier, stimulation of the cell mediated immune system and protective colonization of enterocytes.
    • For detailed discussion of the Original strain see the Original monograph in the library
  • Beta Glucan short chains and the Original strains work synergistically to prime the immune system.
  • Beta Glucan long chains create the perfect matrix in the GI tract for robust colonization.
  • Beta Glucan reduces absorption of fat and slows assimilation of carbohydrates.
  • Beet betalains prevent oxidation of LDLs and lower triglycerides.
  • Stimulate Phase II liver detox.
  • The byproduct of Beta Glucan and Inulin fermentation in the colon is butyric acid: Stimulates stem cells differentiation within the crypts of the small intestinal and colonic epithelium.
  • Powerful combination of Probiotic & fibers for regular bowel habit.
  • Weight management: promotes satiety and balances blood sugar.
  • No fillers, flowing agents or excipients of any kind.
  • A must read: the Beta Glucan brief.

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