This page provides further information on our Phyto Power therapeutic food supplement.


  • Rosehip, wildcrafted, whole fruit and seeds (100% w/w), refractory dried, three Rosa species, 200mg per capsule.
  • Dandelion, wildcrafted, aerial parts (90% w/w), root (10% w/w) with flower, refractory dried, four Taraxacum species, 200mg per capsule.
  • Blueberry, wildcrafted, fruit (>90% w/w), leaves and stem (<5% w/w), refractory dried, four Vaccinium species, 100mg per capsule.
  • Robust consumption of the flavonoids reduces the risks of CVD, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, dementia, neurological disease, chronic degenerative diseases, the diseases of aging. Phyto Power is loaded with flavonoids.
  • Cultures that consume robust amounts of flavonoids and phytochemicals are cultures with robust longevity.
  • The rosehips, the dandelions, and the blueberries are sustainably wildcrafted which means they come straight from Mother Nature-hand picked in the wilderness by the indigenous peoples of Alaska.
  • The high-actives of this product, due to the intensity of their natural environment, are quite literally “off-the-chart”.

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