This page provides further information on our Fructo Borate therapeutic food supplement.


  • Patented Technology creates a highly effective Fructo Borate molecule.
  • 240mg fructoborate and 260mg calcium ascorbate per vegetarian capsule.
  • Each capsule supplies 6mg of elemental boron.
  • New form of boron supplementation: US patented carbohydrate bound boron.
  • Exact duplicate of dietary boron found in fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Association Constant high: Receptor sites receive entire molecule.
  • Osteoporosis: Reduces excretion of Mg and Ca, re-mineralizes bone.
  • Use therapeutically against osteoarthritis: Reduces pain and swelling and increases mobility.
  • Down-regulates immune system: Reduces over-reactive neutrophil levels.
  • Anti-oxidant: Increases SOD and Catalase production.
  • Anti-aging: Increases Vitamin D and Steroid hormone levels in the blood.
  • Anti-cancer: Reduces PSA marker for prostate cancer.
  • Clinical trial: 1 to 2 capsules BID to reduce pain and regenerate bone; 1 capsule daily for maintenance. Observed results period is from 2-8 weeks.
  • No filler, flowing agents or excipients of any kind.

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